Blog #1 OddWorks DIY Cold Brewing Guide

Blog #1 OddWorks DIY Cold Brewing Guide

Cold Brew is the best way to drink coffee. We think so at least. The beauty of cold brew is that the long process draws out all the flavours from the coffee beans without burning off any of the goodness. You could brew two batches of cold brew with two different coffee beans and get a completely different drink at the end of it. This is why we brew a featured roast every week alongside our trusty House Brew. Light roast cold brew is so fruity it sometimes doesn't taste like coffee at all. And the dark roast maintains that intense coffee flavour that all coffee lovers crave.

We have spent years making batch after batch of our cold brew, perfecting the process and we think we’ve nailed it. Experimentation with cold brew is half the fun, and our process isn’t a secret! We want to share the joy of cold brew, so here’s our DIY OddWorks Cold Brew Guide

What you’ll need:

  • An immersion brewer - we recommend the Hario Mizudashi 1L Cold Brewer
  • A second vessel of the same volume – e.g. a jug or another cold brewer
  • V60 Coffee Dripper
  • V60 Filter Papers (Size 02)
  • Some awesome roasted coffee - the better the coffee the better the cold brew
  • Weighing scales (or if you're a bloody maverick you can just guess)
  • A coffee grinder (or you can buy your coffee coarsely ground if you’d prefer)

Once you’ve got all the odds and sods you’ll need, the process is pretty simple.

The Process:

  1. Weigh out your coffee. You’ll need about 100 grams of ground coffee per litre of water.
  2. Grind your coffee (if you’ve bought whole coffee beans) to a Medium to Course grind size.
  3. Add the ground coffee to your filter basket (this will depend on what cold brewer you use)
  4. Add 1 litre of cold water (or more if you’re using a bigger brewing vessel)
  5. Use a spoon to stir like crazy. You need to make sure all of the coffee is wet and the water is flowing freely between the coffee grounds.
  6. Cover the vessel and store it in your fridge, or at room temperature is fine.
  7. Leave the coffee to brew for 16-24 hours (we usually set ours up at 5pm ready to filter at 10am the next morning)
  8. Remove the filter basket and coffee grounds from the cold brew vessel. (The coffee grounds make great coffee kombucha or are also perfect for composting)
  9. Use your V60 coffee dripper and filter papers to filter your cold brew into the second vessel. This can take between 5-10 minutes depending on how fine your coffee grounds were. Be careful not to pour the coffee sediment into the filter paper as it’ll block it all up and take forever to filter.
  10. Give your brewing vessel a rinse, and then repeat the process, pouring the cold brew back into its original vessel (Notice the clarity of your brew! It should be red-brown depending on the coffee roast profile)
  11. Store your cold brew in the fridge and enjoy it over ice! It should last up to 2 weeks at least, but there’s rarely any left after a few days here at OddWorks HQ.

TIP: After step 8, try leaving the cold brew for 10 minutes before filtering to let the coffee sediment settle at the bottom of your vessel. It makes the filtering process way faster and you’ll use less filter papers.

The process above is the OddWorks process, but you can experiment yourself to make your own perfect brew. Check out our guide to Experimenting with your Cold Brew HERE.

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