Blog #2 Experimenting with your Cold Brewing

Blog #2 Experimenting with your Cold Brewing

We’re constantly adapting and improving our cold brew process, but everyone has their own taste. Experimenting with cold brew is all part of the fun. So this is a quick guide to how you can begin experimenting with your cold brewing.

The things to experiment with are:

  • The Grind Size: The finer the grind, the larger the surface area and the more extraction you’ll get, however too fine and you'll end up with an earthy tasting cold brew full of sediment.


  • The amount of coffee: This is pretty obvious - The more coffee per litre of water, the stronger the brew. We’ve found that too much coffee and you can lose some of the sweetness. Especially with a light brew. And be careful or you’ll end up bouncing off the walls! OddWorks Sweet Spot: 100g/litre


  • Brewing time: This one’s important. Obviously the longer you leave your coffee to brew, the stronger the cold brew, but again, too long and you start to lose those fruity flavours. We recommend anywhere between 12-24 hours. OddWorks Sweet Spot: 16 hours (depending on the coffee)


  • Brewing Temperature: The warmer your brew, the more extraction you’ll get. Although, to be honest we don’t see much of a difference between brewing at room temperature and brewing in the fridge. If you’ve got room in the fridge – go for it – it means you’ll be able to enjoy an ice-cold brew that little bit sooner.


  • Filtering: You should filter your cold brew at least once or you’ll have sediment in your brew and you wouldn’t wish that upon your worst enemy. We filter our cold brew twice. But we know people who swear by the third filtration. It goes give more clarity to your brew. But we haven’t seen a huge difference between the second and third filter.   


  • The coffee: This is the really fun part. Once you’ve nailed your process, try brewing a really dark brew, and a light brew and taste the difference. Or try an Ethiopian coffee and compare that with a coffee from Brazil. You’ll be amazed at the difference it can make. Which is why we’re so particular about what coffee we use!


Let us know how you get on! Send us your snaps on Instagram (@oddworkscoffee) and tell us what works for you.

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