OddWorks was founded by two friends, Sam and Jake. Both from the beautiful city of Cardiff. Sam and Jake went to high school and University together and there decided that they'd kick off a business at some point. After a couple of tragic blog-style websites the two parted ways to begin their vastly different careers.


Sam went on to become Lumps - one of the UK's most exciting Illustrators. Jake went off to work for Unilever, living in London, Liverpool, Bristol and even Shanghai for a while, learning how to design, create and market consumer goods.


The Covid pandemic brought them back down to earth and it was during the first lockdown that a potential cold brew business was first mentioned. Sam had spent a lot of time in the US and had noticed that everyone across the pond was obsessed with this new way of brewing coffee, but hadn't really seen it widely available in the UK.


Jake then spent weeks (between the endless Zoom quizzes) obsessing over how to make the perfect cold brew in his mum's kitchen, and finally landed on a process, which we still use to this day!


Before long we were brainstorming names and branding designs. Some great, some not-so-great!

"The Internet's gonna be massive, I keep telling you."
"Yeah, we'll see."

- Jeremy Usborne & Superhans [no known surname]


Before OddWorks, the team trialled a cold brew business under the name Oddly Coffee. Brewing in Sam's mother-in-law's garage (big shout-out to Sam), Jake & Sam started getting to grips with how to brew at a larger scale, spending hours and hours filling each bag by hand. We quickly realised that the British people also love cold brew once they've tried it, and after a few months it became clear that we couldn't continue Oddly Coffee while both working full time in other jobs and after a big multinational (that shall not be named) challenged us on our brand name even though they had no presence in the UK, we decided it was the right time to pause the cold brew business.. Let's just say we did not feel Oddly Good about it.


Fast-forward to March 2022 and Jake and Sam have partially given up their day job to pursue their dream of bringing the magic of cold brew to the UK. The brand needed a new name and so became OddWorks, and with the help of an amazing design agency (shout-out #2 to &studios) we created a new look and feel for the brand.


We decided we were going to do things professionally, and so bought a load of snazzy new kit and set up our microbrewery in North London. The first batch went out at the end of July, and it's been hectic but thoroughly enjoyable since that day!


We're hoping 2023 will be a BIG year for OddWorks. We've got a few big partnerships lined up, and have launched an Online Cafe on Deliveroo (check it out here if you're based in East London!). Let's all pray for a hot hot summer filled with cold cold coffee.