How many servings are in each box?


Each box contains 3 litres of fresh cold brew, giving you 15 200ml servings of delicious coffee per box.


How long will it take to arrive?


At the moment, we brew and ship our coffee once a week (usually on a Wednesday and Thursday). Our coffee is always sent with next-day delivery. If you order before Tuesday, your coffee should arrive by Friday. Any orders after Tuesday evening will be added to the following week's batch.


How long will my box last?


We deliberately brew our coffee fresh every week as we know cold brew tastes flat if it's stored on a shelf for weeks or months. We therefore suggest that you enjoy your coffee within 10 days of receiving your coffee.


Does it need to be stored in the fridge?


Absolutely, again as our coffee is brewed fresh it'll need to be stored in the fridge as soon as you receive it to keep it fresh for longer.


How fresh exactly is your coffee?


It couldn't be fresher. We put our brew on every week, leave it do it's thing overnight (see our blog for the process), and pack and ship it the next day. Your coffee will arrive at your door the day after it's been packed.


Is my coffee sustainable?


We're doing everything in our power to a) reduce waste and b) reduce our carbon footprint. We only brew to order, so there's no wasted coffee at all, and our grounds are fully compostable. Our bag-in-box packaging is also the most sustainable way of packing and shipping a liquid. The box is fully recyclable, and the bag is recyclable in most areas, but best to check with your local council. We also prefer to work with roasters who also take steps to reduce their environmental impact.


How many calories are in a box?


One of the beautiful things about cold brew coffee is that despite how ridiculously delicious it is, it's virtually calorie free. Each serving has approximately 4 calories, so each 3 litre box contains around 60 calories in total (about the same as a single KitKat finger).


Is your coffee suitable for a colonic irrigation?


We are not sure!